Pigweed is an excellent plant-source of calcium. It helps lower one-third of the risk of succumbing to heart attack. Personally, I believe these results also apply to ischemic strokes, because they are biologically so similar to heart attack.

In 1910, most people slept 9 hours a night, as compared to today's 7 hours a night. More than one-third of us report daytime sleepiness, so intense that it interferes with work and/or our social lives.

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There are various complications that arise after a stroke, which usually differ from one person to another. In severe cases, a stroke can cause coma or paralysis, both of which would require the patient’s family to suffer anguish about his future and added to this would be the huge medical bills. Even if the stroke is milder, there would be expenses that would have to be borne for recovery and rehabilitation such as physiotherapy, speech therapy and medication.

Transient Ischemic Attack is an admonition sign for the occurrence of stroke attack, particularly for ischemic attacks. The brain is necessitates to obtain oxygen and glucose to function well. If the blood supply terminated, the supply of nutrients is also lost and the tissues of the brain ceases to work. The causes of this condition is associated with thrombus formation due to atherosclerosis; atrial fibrillation that causes an embolus to circulate within the bloodstream; and hypertension.

3. One of popular heat stroke home remedy is made with raw mangoes. Raw mangoes are boiled and then soaked in cold water. Pulp of these raw mangoes is to be mixed with cumin seeds, salt, jiggery, pepper and coriander along with some water. This mixture can be consumes 3-4 times to avoid symptoms of heat stroke.

When anyone has shown signs of a stroke or a TIA (transient ischemic attack), a doctor will gather information and make a examination. He or she will evaluation the events that have happened and will: