Blueberries are one of the richest food sources of natural antioxidants readily available, having more than twice the levels of other berries that helps to prevent heart disease, stroke and internal bleeding.

• Sleep on your right side or on your back. It can add years to your life! Sleeping on the left side adds pressure and if you are overweight, that much more!

When looking for speech therapy in Riverview, MI, it is important to find a speech-language pathologist that specializes stroke recovery to ensure optimal results. Begin your search by obtaining referrals to reputable providers from your doctor, hospital, or rehabilitation facility. Next, verify that each candidate is certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and the Health Professionals Council (HPC). Finally, meet with each candidate to find a therapist that you will feel comfortable working with.

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One major organ to point out which requires much blood flow is the brain. Our brains are so advanced that we don’t even need the time to stop and think about performing an action – we simply do it. But when blood flow becomes interrupted, or a blood vessel bursts, this can lead to a stroke.

The symptoms of a stroke may become visible almost immediately. When the blood supply to the brain is cut off, the resulting damage to the cells presents itself in symptoms such as severe headaches, dizziness, and loss of speech, difficulty in walking, loss of balance or lack of coordination, blurred or double vision, weakness or numbness in some parts of the body and in severe cases, paralysis. The person should be given medical attention immediately to prevent further damage to the brain cells.

The symptoms of Transient Ischemic Attack are akin to the actual stroke attack. It usually relies on the damage in the particular site of the brain and the injuries settle on its own while the effects of stroke can be permanent. Neurologic dysfunctions can come into view immediately and can affect the capacity of the person to move. Speech and vision might be affected. Perplexity may occur on the patient and also the disability to follow orders. The patient has a difficulty to utter words.