High blood pressure causes hardening and thinning of arterial walls and makes our heart work harder to pump blood throughout our body resulting in heart diseases as well as increasing the risk of stroke.

What's your risk for early morning heart attack? For a period of twenty years, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) studied the connection between a poor night's sleep and heart attacks and strokes. During those two decades, 295 heart attacks occurred in the women's group and 85 in the men's.

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There are two main causes for the occurrence of a stroke. The first is when there is a blood clot in the body that prevents blood from flowing to the brain. Without the regular supply of oxygen and sugar from blood, the brain cells get damaged and result in a stroke. Another cause for a stroke is when a ruptured artery causes blood to flood the area between the skull and the brain, which reduces the blood supply to the brain and causes damage to the cells due to a lack of oxygen and blood sugar.

The manifestations are commonly resolved through time yet these symptoms should be treated at once because it might as well be a delicate situation for the patient. The dysfunctions of the patient are also classified depending on the anatomy of the brain. Drop attacks are outcomes of Transient Ischemic Attack that happens when the patient faints all of a sudden with or without losing awareness. The National Institute of Health Stoke Scale is used to determine the level of disfigurement of the patient caused by stroke.

4. Coconut milk grinded is yet another product useful at the time of heat stroke. Coconut milk mixed along with black peppercorns become like a paste which can be applied to parts of body to give cooling to the part and treating heat stroke.

The facts exams examine how the brain looks, works and gets its blood source. They can outline the hurt brain area. The facts exams fall into three categorizations.

We did the Tearless Trauma technique (tapping without reliving the event itself, to minimize the emotional pain) on the stroke event itself and tapped around and on that event until it came down from a 10 (tightness in her stomach) to a feeling of sadness at a 3 and then a 0 for the stroke event.